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Quality of Medical Care Demanded by Evolving technology

The importance of modern medical practice that utilizes advanced medical equipment and devices will continue to grow at an ever-increasing pace to support healthy life expectancy. And treatment and surgical methods will continue to evolve as technology evolves. However, the human body, which harbors life is still the target of treatment. Whether it is the hands of a skilled specialist or the smart arms of an advanced medical robot, it will always be necessary to consider the treatment's impact on the human body as much as possible. And we believe that medical treatments will require ever higher quality and precision.

Blue Practice

Realistic treatment simulation and training
And a highly accurate platform for testing medical devices

The ”New Industrial Revolution Pioneered by Bionic Humanoid” was adopted by the Cabinet Office’s Innovative R&D Promotion Program/ImPACT*1 in 2016. In 2019, it announced the world's first realistic treatment simulation. Based on this technology development effort, Blue Practice was founded in 2019. By applying the technology to artificially recreate the characteristics of human organs and vessels as close to its real counterpart, we can provide a platform for realistic treatment simulation and training in the medical field as well as product testing in pursuit of accuracy in medical device development.

Blue Practice

*Please visit the YouTube link below for more information about ImPACT Project/ New Industrial Revolution Pioneered by Bionic Humanoids.


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